We are the first platform that focuses on physical exercise for people with chronic kidney disease and for those with organ/bone marrow transplants

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Traïnsplant is a platform that includes all the information related to physical exercise for people with a chronic disease or transplantation. It is a place of reference where you can find guidelines relating the benefits and contraindications about physical activity in these groups. Traïnsplant starts from the necessity of getting a place where patients and healthcare professionals could go in order to get the best counseling about movement and sport.


Chronic kidney disease and transplantations

Physical exercise besides a way of prevention, is consider a mainstay in the treatment for chronic disease.

Approximately, 4 million people suffer chronic kidney disease in Spain. From them, more that 50 thousand are being treated with renal replacement therapy including: hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and renal transplantation.

The prevalence of kidney disease increases progressively with aging (a 22% in people with more than 64 years, 40% in those with more than 80 years), and with other diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Spain is the first country in the world regarding organ donation and almost a 4% of the transplantations done in the world are held in our country.

Here in Traïnsplant we want to improve your quality of life through physical exercise. Our multidisciplinary team has as main objective to give personalized attention regarding physical condition to people with organ and bone marrow transplantations as well to patients with chronic kidney disease.


Education programs for healthcare and training professionals.

We develop different courses and seminars about how to include physical exercise programs inside and outside the hospitals as well as the guidelines for applied training for people with chronic disease or transplantations.



Research Projects

Thanks to scientific evidence, progress in the recommendations for physical exercise and sport can be done so they are practiced in the safest possible way.

Research projects in people with chronic kidney disease and transplantations related to physical exercise and high performance sport. In this section you can find summaries of the most important scientific findings in the topic.

Traïnsplant Sports Club

In Traïnsplant Sports Club anyone can sign up and people with chronic disease and transplantations will have preferential treatment.

The main objective is to promote physical activity between people with chronic disease and transplantations.

The Club includes different disciplines and teams, where physical activity is promoted inside the target group, and of course organ donation is promoted.

There is sports equipment from the brand Tuga Wear. The money collected from that equipment, will be given to boys and girls with special situations regarding disease o disadvantaged social status.



Sports Events

We work to create the most supportive sports events in the county.

In this section you can find the different sports events for people with chronic disease and transplantations, as well as the Sports and Health National Championships which will be held in Avila in may, 2017. Also the cycling tours Transplant Bike, among others.

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